Ben Anderson has worked at local McDonalds locations for 18 years, and needed additional workplace supports in place, which brought him to PHASE-Industries’ Employment Services. Ben completed a thorough initial assessment at PHASE-Industries, where he discovered his strengths, likes, and interests. This assessment allowed PHASE-Industries to match local opportunities with Ben’s individual preferences in a job.

While building his skills, Ben enjoyed working the outdoor jobs at PHASE-Industries. He said that the skills he learned while working at PHASE-Industries help him now in his current position. He enjoys the PHASE-Industries Employment Support’s regular check-ins, but he also appreciates his independence. Ben said that he was not nervous to leave the PHASE-Industries Day Program, but he’s glad to have learned job skills from his time there. Ben has also increased his income with his opportunity to work independently, and he is saving his money. Ben’s advice to others thinking about transitioning into community employment from the PHASE-Industries Day Program is to find a good, stable job and have a plan!