PHASE-Industries Statement

PHASE-Industries, Inc. strives to ensure the people we serve have access to services provided by culturally competent agency leadership and direct care staff with whom they communicate.  PHASE-Industries recognizes, respects and responds to the unique, culturally defined needs of the population served in our geographic areas.

This is accomplished by both understanding that cultural competence goes beyond race or language identifiers.  Cultural Competency, Diversity & Inclusion (CCDI) encompasses understanding one’s own culture and that there are diversities within each culture.  PHASE-Industries, Inc. shall:

  • Maintain a respectful workplace, free of offensive practices and conditions,
  • Seek to understand, recognize and effectively work within each person’s culture, self-identification, preferences and unique values,
  • Commit to developing approaches/programs/services to meet the unique preferences of its’ diverse population,
  • At orientation and annually thereafter, educate/train PHASE-Industries’ staff on the CCDIP,
  • Work to include within the organization’s strategies, its policies and procedures, and its decision-making process those individual’s representative of the culturally diverse population it serves and employs.

The framework of our CCDI Plan is based on CARF’s ASPIRE to Excellence® model and uses the CARF standards as a guide to ensure an ongoing process of continuous quality improvement:

  • Assess the Environment
  • Set Strategy
  • Persons Served and other Stakeholders – obtain input
  • Implement the Plan
  • Review Results
  • Effect Change