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Christine Longley took part in the PHASE-Industries Day Program for many years, and struggled to hold a job. Personal supports for Christine were lacking until she entered the PHASE-Industries Employment Program, where she completed an assessment to determine her likes and dislikes, strengths, and abilities that best fit her.

Since the PHASE-Industries Employment Supports have been involved in Christine’s life, she has found a job that she loves at the GrandStay Hotel & Suites, and has been in her role for several years. Christine has made Employee of the Month twice since starting her job, and she has improved her communication with other staff and management with assistance from PHASE-Industries Employment Support. When asked about her job, Christine said, “It has its ups and downs, but I like it for the most part. I never miss a day of work.” In addition to being Employee of the Month twice, Christine has gotten several performance-based raises to her salary.

Christine was not nervous to transition out of the day program to work in the community, and said she was looking forward to getting a job so she could make more money and be independent because she enjoys her independence. She also said she utilizes many skills she learned from the activities and jobs participated in while in the PHASE-Industries Day Program. Christine’s advice for others thinking about transitioning from the day program to the independent workforce is to stay focused on your goals.