Keegan Mann was working at Chris’ Food Center doing janitorial duties and struggling – not getting along with his supervisors, and needed support and confidence – when he reached out to his supports and asked to come to PHASE-Industries. Keegan’s goal was to do jobs that he couldn’t at the time. At PHASE-Industries, he was always willing to learn, and he wanted to learn as much as possible. He could do the jobs on his own, but he wanted the support. He wasn’t at PHASE-Industries for very long before he started a different role at Chris’ Food Center that fit him better than the previous roles he worked in did.

Keegan said he was a little nervous to transition back to Chris’ Food Center from the PHASE-Industries Day Program, but he had worked there before so he didn’t think it would be too bad. He stated that he was more nervous to take on more skills and responsibilities than to transition back into the workforce. He learned a lot of skills from PHASE-Industries to be successful in his job, and he said he learned how to adapt to a routine. He’s now making more money than he did in the day program, and he’s buying more things, but not for himself. Rent and bills come first, but he enjoys spending money on gifts for his family.

Advice that Keegan has for individuals looking to transition from the day program to the workforce is this: “Baby steps. Listen and take baby steps if you need the extra help. Don’t be scared to speak up when you need the extra help. Don’t give up. If you do need help, make sure they’re [supports are] willing to listen.”