Tyson White came to PHASE-Industries out of high school looking to learn workforce skills and build his resume, as well as work ethic. Tyson’s first job was working on the Hotel Crew at Grand Casino Hinckley. After a while, he transitioned to the PHASE-Industries Recycling Program, and then worked at a local gas station. The gas station job wasn’t a good fit for Tyson, so he continued working on his goal of independence with minimal supervision by discovering interests, strengths, likes and dislikes at PHASE-Industries.

Tyson learned of a job opportunity at Chris’ Food Center, applied, and landed the job! He’s been working at Chris’ Food Center since. When asked about his experience at PHASE-Industries, he said that he was not nervous to transition out of the Day Program and work in the community, as this was the outcome that he was hoping for and working toward. He’s glad to be working in the community because the hours are more flexible, he likes being in the public and seeing the regular customers, and there is so much more independence and he enjoys that.