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Equal Pay

Our CEO, Tim Schmutzer, is featured in this Star Tribune article regarding individuals with disabilities and minimum wage earnings. Learn…

Heritage Barn Wood Featured in County Star Part 2

Featured image for “Heritage Barn Wood Featured in County Star Part 2”
Read about the Gable Schoolhouse history and how PHASE-Industries’ Heritage Barn Wood creates new life for old products.…

PHASE-Industries’ Milestone

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After 50 years of relying on the use of a USDOL commensurate wage certificate to support the working wage of…

Celebrating the 33rd Anniversary of the ADA

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On July 26, 2023, we celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the day that the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed.…


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Tyson White came to PHASE-Industries out of high school looking to learn workforce skills and build his resume, as well…

Heritage Barn Wood Featured in County Star

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Stacy Verdick Case recently spent time with employees of PHASE-Industries and participants at Heritage Barn Wood to learn more about…


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Kayla Sutton started her journey with PHASE-Industries in Mora and, initially, expressed a high degree of frustration through her interactions…


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Ben Anderson has worked at local McDonalds locations for 18 years, and needed additional workplace supports in place, which brought…


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Christine Longley took part in the PHASE-Industries Day Program for many years, and struggled to hold a job. Personal supports…


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Keegan Mann was working at Chris’ Food Center doing janitorial duties and struggling – not getting along with his supervisors,…

DW Companies LLC Presents Construction Industry to Local Students

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Photo Credit: D. Sibley Studios DW Companies LLC attended Pine City High School on March 21st, 2023. They partnered with…

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